Steamfarer is an RPG about steampunk airships.

The game is a fresh take on RPGs inspired by classics. The game currently is in development and is coming to Steam. At the moment Steamfarer is being developed by one person.


Explore the world. Equip your ship. Gather and level up your crew.

Your crew members can master their skills of manning various ship guns.

There are a lot of different ships, guns and other equipment pieces you can find and use. There are also a lot of characters who can join you. Each of them gains experience and can develop their skills in various ways.


Engage in steampunk airship battles.

There is a lot of space for tactics: you can target different parts of enemy ships, use various weapon types, use abilities of your crew and much more.

Combat system is distantly reminiscent of Final Fantasy's active-time battle system and combat system of FTL: Faster Than Light.


Defeat epic bosses.

Test your skills fighting huge and most powerful enemies with unique combat scenarios.

For those seeking extra challenge, bosses feature "epic" versions, that are harder to defeat, but bring better rewards and, of course, unique achievments.